The Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat (FRAFS) is responsible for delivering a number of activities under the terms of an AAROM Collaborative Management Agreement (CMA). These activities include:

1. assisting DFO in its communications with Fraser River First Nations on fisheries

2. assisting Fraser River First Nations in understanding and interpreting information
provided to them by DFO; and

3. assisting Fraser River First Nations to communicate among themselves, and develop
positions and initiatives in regard to fisheries issues.

The Secretariat consists of an Executive Committee, an Executive Committee Chairperson, two biologists, a Communications Manager, and an Operations Manager. The Executive Committee is the management body that provides direction to the Secretariat as a whole, and is accountable for meeting the terms of the CMA.

The FRAFS Communications Manager is responsible for producing our Watershed Talk Newsletter, event planning and coordination, and receiving and distributing the ever-increasing volume of communications among Fraser First Nations, and between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and First Nations. This communications network has also expanded to include First Nations in the Vancouver Island/marine approach area, who also fish for Fraser River salmon.

Two consulting contract biologists currently work for FRAFS. Their roles are to be involved in fisheries management issues on behalf of First Nations. This involvement can include participating in committees and processes initiated or sponsored by government, with the purpose of providing technical expertise from a First Nations perspective. They also help to analyze and interpret complex fisheries management policies, initiatives and decisions that flow from DFO.

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