Acronym Guide


AABM: Aggregate Abundance Based Management (Chinook)
AAROM: Aboriginal Aquatic Resource and Oceans Management
ABM: Abundance Based Management (Coho)
ADM: Assistant Deputy Minister
AFO: Aboriginal Fisheries Officer
AFS: Aboriginal Fisheries Strategy
AFSAR: Aboriginal Funds for Species at Risk
AHC: Area Harvest Committee
AIP: Agreement in principle
ATK: Aboriginal traditional knowledge
ATP: Allocation transfer program
AUC: Area under the curve
AWG: Aquaculture Working Group (FNFC)
BCAFN: BC Assembly of First Nations
BKD: Bacterial kidney disease
CCIRA: Central Coast Indigenous Resource Alliance
CCTAC: Canadian commercial total allowable catch
CEAA: Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
CFA: Comprehensive Fisheries Agreement
CMWG: Co-management Working Group (FNFC)
COSEWIC Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
CPUE: Catch per unit effort
CSAB: Commercial salmon Advisory Board
CSAP: Centre for Scientific Advice Pacific (formerly PSARC)
CTAC: Canadian total allowable catch
CTC: Chinook Technical Committee
CTD: Catch to date
CU: Conservation Unit
CWT: Coded wire tag
DFO: Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)
EAWG: Economic Access Working Group (FNFC)
EO: Economic opportunity
ER: Exploitation rate
ESSR: Excess salmon to spawning requirement
“The Forum”: Forum on Conservation and Harvest Planning for Fraser Salmon
FN: First Nation
FN_ISH ICC: First Nations Integrated Salmon Harvest Interim Coordinating Committee
FNFC: First Nations Fisheries Council
FNS: First Nations Summit
FPC: Forum Planning Committee
FRAFS: Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat
FRAWG: Fraser River and Approach Working Group
FRSSI: Fraser River Sockeye Spawning Initiative
FRP: Fraser River Panel
FSC: Food social ceremonial
FSCWG: FSC/Section 35.1 Working Group (FNFC)
FSR: Fraser Salmon Roadmap
FSRPG: Fraser Salmon Roadmap Planning Group
FVAFS: Fraser Valley Aboriginal Fisheries Society
FWJTF: Fraser Watershed Joint Technical Forum
HR: Harvest rate
IFMP: Integrated Fisheries Management Plan
IHPC: Integrated Harvest Planning Committee (Salmon)
IMAP: Integrated Management of Aquaculture Plans
IMAWG: Island Marine Aquatic Working Group
ISBM: Individual stock based management (Chinook)
ITO: Intertribal Treaty Organization
IVQ: Individual vessel quota
JTWG: Joint Technical Working Group
LFFA: Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance
LRP: Limit reference point
MLP: Mandatory landing program
MSF: Mark selective fishery
MSY: Maximum sustainable yield
MVI: Mid Vancouver Island
NPAFC: North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission
PICFI: Pacific Integrated Commercial Fisheries Initiative
PIT: Passive internal transponder
PNCIMA: Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area
PSARC: Pacific Science Advice Review Committee
PSC: Pacific Salmon Commission
PST: Pacific Salmon Treaty
RDG: Regional Director General
SARA: Species At Risk Act
SCVI: South Coast Vancouver Island
SEP: Salmonid Enhancement Program
SFAB: Sport Fishing Advisory Board
TAC: Total allowable catch
TAM: Total allowable mortality
TEK: Traditional ecological knowledge
UBCIC: Union of BC Indian Chiefs
UFFCA: Upper Fraser Fisheries Conservation Alliance
WCVI: West Coast Vancouver Island
WSP: Wild Salmon Policy