Visions Conference


Visions Conference - Background

The Visions Workshop is an annual event sponsored by the Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat that brings together First Nations representatives and Fisheries and Oceans Canada personnel from throughout the Fraser River Watershed and beyond. The Visions Workshops provide opportunities for participants to present perspectives on fisheries projects, discuss fisheries issues, and gather current information on programs, funding and prospective initiatives.

2011 Visions Conference

The 2011 Visions Conference was held on October 5-7, 2011 at the Billy Barker Hotel in Quesnel, BC. The host community was the Red Bluff First Nation. The Fraser River Aboriginal Fisheries Secretariat would like to thank Councillor Terri Boyd for her warm welcome to the territory, and for representing the host community at the conference.

In recent years, the Visions planning committee has chosen to focus the conference on a specific topic area or theme; this year, however, the planning committee decided instead to get back to the original intent of Visions, and created a program that explored a wide variety of fisheries related issues and topics.

Dr. Robert T. Lackey, professor of fisheries and political studies at Oregon State University, was the Visions 2011 keynote speaker. He delivered a presentation on the Salmon 2100 project, which examines questions, problems, and potential solutions for the future of wild Pacific salmon from the perspectives of policy analysts, salmon advocates, and scientists. The project focused on answering a single question: “What is it really going to take to have wild salmon populations in significant, sustainable numbers through the year 2100?” While Dr. Lackey and his co-authors feel deep concern about the future of wild salmon, they suggested a number of policy prescriptions ranging from technological fixes to fundamental society value shifts.

A number of other topics were also presented by fisheries representatives and staff from throughout the Fraser River watershed, including successful fisheries projects and various economic fisheries ventures. The presentations are available below for download in PDF format.

The Visions planning committee would like to thank all of the presenters, volunteers and participants who helped to make the 2011 Visions Conference a success!


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